WYRD AND WONDER: May 2020 (tentative) TBR

Wyrd and Wonder is a month-long fantasy blog celebration hosted by Lisa, Jorie, and Imyril! I’ve followed for the last two years, but I decided to participate this year!

I’m trying to read more of my own books while on lockdown because I have so many unread. I will obviously read others than this, but here are the three books I really want to get to this month, including the readalong!

  • Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier :: Marillier recently put out another book (The Harp of Kings) and this reminded me of Daughter of the Forest that I devoured as a teenager because I wanted to read everything fairy tales and retellings. I’ve seen it pop up on bookstagram over the last few months, and now is the perfect time to read it!
  • The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison :: I bought this a year and a half ago because it was getting a new cover and I liked this one better and I wasn’t sure if the bookstore where I worked would stock this mass market size after the (more expensive) trade, but I obviously still haven’t read it. I think Addison is releasing a new one this year or next, and I’ve also seen this one going around bookstagram and various online readalongs (including this one!)!
  • The Queen of Blood – Sarah Beth Durst :: This is another one that I bought the whole series of based off of someone’s recommendation but never got around to it until seeing it read by someone I follow on social media. Now is the best time to binge read a series, so I’m looking forward to getting to this one!

Have you read any of these? Let me know what you’re reading this month!

7 thoughts on “WYRD AND WONDER: May 2020 (tentative) TBR

  1. Hello! Please to meet you! I am excited to hear your thoughts on these titles. They all sound good! By the way, your blog is gorgeous.

    1. Hello! Thank you for visiting! I hope to get reviews up for them soon. I was entirely sidetracked by life in May!

    1. I am too! I am still reading it because I got completely sidetracked in May, but it’s so interesting! What did you think of it?

  2. Hi Meg, I found your blog while browsing #WyrdAndWonder on Twitter 🙂 I haven’t read any of these books but they’re all on my TBR. Hope you enjoy them! I’ve just started The Binding by Bridget Collins as my Wyrd & Wonder read.

    1. How did you like The Binding? I’ve had that from the library since before quarantine, and I’m really looking forward to reading it!

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