site / contact is a personal blog focusing on bookish things, including book reviews, book chatter, and book photography. My interests also include makeup, academia, television, film, art, my cats, and various other things, so there may be posts about those things as well! I essentially want to get back in the habit of writing something daily, especially with regards to book things, as I’m currently contemplating whether or not I’m going to go for my PhD in English/Literature in the next few years.

The name “fairy bookmother” came about from a friend of mine telling me I’m completely magical in my book recommendations, and I said, “Well, I’m your fairy bookmother!”

My reviews tend to be an objective and personal look at the book itself with some critical analysis thrown in (I can’t usually help it!). I like reading books that make me think and consider the world in which I live, and I also like reading books that take me to far off places in other worlds and universes.

All books reviewed in my blog are bought personally by me, gifted to me, or acquired through Edelweiss, NetGalley, or my local library. Each post will have a disclaimer allowing the reader of the post to know how the copy of the book came to me. However, each book reviewed and written about will be of my own personal opinions (and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of any place or company I work for).

If you would like me to consider your book for review, drop me a line at meg(at)!